2014-01-27-Moop Waterer-11 +


2014-01-27-Moop Waterer-115+


Birdfeeder w bird 1+grey feeder


Every chicken coop needs a waterer and a feeder, but there are surprisingly few stylish options available for small backyard flocks. In order to create a cohesive design language, nottoscale custom designed a waterer and feeder specially made to complement the design and size of the Moop.

They are specifically designed for 3-4 chickens, providing them with enough water/food for 3-5 days. Both can be easily refilled from the top. The waterer has a single opening at the bottom while the feeder has 3 larger openings that allow the feed to easily refill the tray. They are made from sturdy cream-colored stoneware that is glazed for ease of cleaning, and can be set on the ground or hung from inside the run. We recommend hanging them as this helps keep water and food clean.

Both the waterer and feeder can be used both for chickens as well as wild birds.

The waterer and feeder are available with nylon hangers that come in 3 fun colors to choose from.

We are happy to announce that we are collaborating with Mudshark Studios in Portland, Oregon to produce our waterer and feeder.