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The chicken talk all started when we moved into a house with a backyard that inspired us to join the growing urban farming movement in San Francisco. Once we began cultivating our own vegetables, baking our own bread and brewing homemade beer, we saw raising chickens as just another adventure in our journey of urban homesteading.

The Moop was born out of an idea for a Christmas gift that Peter wanted to give his wife, Deborah. As an architect, Peter integrated principles of prefab architecture to create an efficient, yet modern design for their coop.

While working through many design iterations – including everything from high-rise to space age – we piqued the interest of several family members and friends who said they also wanted coops. So, Peter challenged himself to design a compact modular coop for the average backyard flock, which could be easily sold and distributed as a flat pack.

Our first customers were our three happy chickens, Chipmunk, Nutmeg & Penguin, who moved into their I-Moop in July.

Peter Strzebniok is originally from Germany and has been living in San Francisco for 13 years. A licensed architect in both Berlin and California, he is the founder and owner of nottoscale, a multidisciplinary design practice. www.nottoscale.com

Deborah Wong, a native of the Bay Area, is a transportation specialist with a soft spot for design and sustainable living. She is the owner and designer of a knitted jewelry line and consults on sustainable transportation projects. www.percolatingdesign.com



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